Affordable College

We need to ensure that our education system prepares the next generation of Ohioans for the next generation of jobs. Affordable education creates a path to success.

- Joel O'Dorisio

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Where Joel Stands

I love teaching. One of the most satisfying parts of my job is watching students turn their passion into a career. Over the years I’ve watched their career paths change drastically. The lucky students leave college with debt they will carry for decades. The unlucky students can’t afford to finish college at all.

When I went to OSU in the 80s, a time when Ohio’s in state tuition covered about 70% of the cost of my schooling. I was able to pay for college with a minimum wage job. Today, Ohio only pays for about 20% of higher education costs, leaving students to pay the difference. That is why Ohio has the highest student debt in the nation. For people who are not interested in college, we need effective and available job training that includes trade schools and community colleges. We need our kids to be ready for an economy that expects more than K-12.

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